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August 28


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[August 17, 2PM - Wright Anything Agency]

"So let me get this straight..."

The detective in the heavy overcoat rubbed at his eyes, looking like he was in serious need of a very strong drink. He was still waiting at the door, and the blue-suited lawyer was making one immobile obstacle for once.

"...not only are you keeping a suspected deviant out of police custody, you're defending her?"

"You can't hold her until there's been a formal trial unless she's suspected of a felony, which I'm pretty sure... socially frowned upon or not... streaking isn't classified as."

"You're pushing your luck, kid."

"We'll see about that. If you'll excuse me... officer."

Phoenix sighed once he was absolutely sure the door was shut. He hated that man.

Maya hadn't returned yet, thankfully. Who knew how he'd explain their new guest to her. He didn't want to think about it.

The foreign girl was still sitting on the sofa, trying to keep from shaking. The warm tea seemed to help. The fact that she still had little in the way of actual clothing wasn't lost on her or her host.

"Look, uh... I wish I had more for you to wear, Miss..."


Crash. A lock had been shattered to pieces, just from that little word.

Maybe he was getting somewhere after all. Hadn't even required evidence,not that he had any to use.

"...Ami, but...uh, I'm sure Miss Fey can accommodate you better. I asked her to bring along some things, so you shouldn't need to... be that way much longer..." Phoenix coughed, adjusting his tie as he tried to look anywhere but at the girl's exposed knees. Talk about distracting thoughts.

"Heh, maybe she'll understand you too." Where did he keep that English-to-Japanese dictionary, anyway? Was it thoughtless to assume Maya spoke oriental languages? Hopefully not, but he didn't know anyone else who might fit the bill.

Phoenix had to start figuring the girl out somehow. How could he defend a client without any background, much less evidence? She was a blank slate according to the database. No fingerprint results, local history, zilch... the girl was like a phantom.

"Someone has to know someth-..."

The buzz at the door interjected Phoenix's spoken thoughts, and he went to the door, opening it as soon as he recognized the pattern.

"Heyas Nick, sorry I'm late, took me a while to find-"

The robed girl went silent, and after pushing right past Phoenix, she felt her grip slacken and the bag of clothes hit the ground while she stared at the familiar, pale expression of the near-naked girl sitting on the sofa.

"Look, I can expla-"

Phoenix felt a mixture of guilt and sudden embarrassment come over him, and he thankfully thought to shield his eyes as the clothed woman yanked the other to her feet, obviously intent on throwing her out.

This wasn't going to be easy to patch up.
Phoenix has had his fair share of strange clients, but this takes the cake.
Solarpants Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
I think my only "problem" with this crossover is the fact that, technically, Phoenix and Maya are just as Japanese as Ami. >.>

That said, things are getting pretty interesting.
Misayaka Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, that's the fun of using the US characters.>>
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